This is Me

My name is Brittney Olivia, most of you probably don’t know me. I’m  that  girl from a small town striving for her dreams of one day working  in  fashion in a not so small city.  I’m originally from the Bahamas,  Nassau  to be exact (close your eyes and imagine the perfect vacation  spot, it’s just  like those beach pictures on a post card).

I moved to  Arizona where I  attend college, majoring in business (marketing and  advertising to be  exact) and minoring in fashion. From fashion classes I’ve taken I’ve  become more and more exposed to the world of  “Fashion/Beauty” blogs  and decided I want to join in on the madness. Mind you these are just my personally opinions. Feel free to express your own opinions on my page. As for hauls, reviews or different types of topics, suggest ones that specify to your needs and I will try to do my best to respond, review etc them for you. Im willing to try new things and let you know what works best.






Coffee-Tea-Sparkling Ice-Diet Soda- Forever XI-Urban Outfitters-American Apparel- Fashion-Your Grandmother’s sweaters-Animals-Beliefs and standing by them-99cent perfume- India-Tribal designs-Aztec designs-Chandeliers- My fashion form- Balcony’s- Oatmeal Baths-Makeup-Working Out-FlowE clothes- Flowers-Heels-Boots- Breakdown that allow for realizations- Purses- The West Coast- Natural Face with a Pop of Lip color- Creativity- Being in the Passenger Seat- Movie nights- Yogurt(IceCream)- Candles- Long Hair-Sunsets- Venice Beach- Those “moments” worth remembering- Vintage-Bird cages- White Rabbits- Alice in Wonderland-Aladdin’s voice- Sunglasses- Blasting 90’s boyband music while over dramatizing it in the car- Sleeping in- Organizing-Taurus- Quotes- Rain-Smell of the Ocean- Cuddling-Neck Kisses- Laughing- Day Dreaming


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