Add me on Facebook.

I’ve come to realize that all actions done on my blog by others all go to my email. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing what you have to say or “like” on my blog site but I need a better way to correspond with everyone lol My inbox is what I’d like to call “absolute unorganized CHAOS!” So many emails just get lost between the junk, or get filtered or just get left behind.
Therefore I’d like to encourage you to add me on Facebook (since I’m pretty much on there daily.)

You don’t HAVE to add me, but it will be a way of getting to know me better, ask questions, receive help along with general chit chat and will be able to respond to you a lot easier. So my lovelies, it is entirely up to you πŸ™‚ The general consensus is that you all love a bit of Facebook, so I have succumbed to your needs.

CLICK Facebook tap at top of blog to take you to my Facebook ❀

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