Pin Stripped Floral Vintage Nails…

Hey Lovers, Here is a fun way to do your nails for an event or everyday weare =)

1. Paint nails all white ( I used Wet n Wild in French White Creme)

2. Next pin strip your nails ( I used Kiss Nail Art Paint in black)

3. Take your favorite Pink nail polish and create little dots, as many as you’d like on your nail but remember later we will be adding pedals, so save some room =)  ( I used Sinful Colors in Soul Mate 945 – bought at any Walgreens or Walmart’s)

4. Next I added a highlight, by making little squiggles in and around the first pink color. This color can be either a litter or darker pink or red. Personally I used a red because my other pink blended in to much with the base pink. ( I used Kiss Nail Art Paint in red)

5. Almost done =) Using a green of your choice add pedals. We will do this by creating green lines coming from opposite ends of the pink dots we’ve created =)  ( I used Finger Paints nail Color in Groovy Green- bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply)

6. To avoid smudging, let nails dry for a few minutes. Finally, apply clear  top coat and your DONE! lol



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