Just recently I bought myself an Iphone 4 in black. Believe it or not this is my first Smart phone and I’m 20 years old, I suppose you can say I’m a little behind on technology these days. At first I wasn’t quite sure which phone I really wanted to get but in the end I choose the Iphone. Now the iphone doesn’t seem to be known for customization to really make a phone personal and something unique to yourself. Which is what i really wanted in the first place, a phone that i could fidget and customize to me, but on the other hand the iphone was just the perfect size, shape and style that I really wanted. Some say the iphone is not just a phone its an Accessory, it puts you in a category of “people.” Im not looking to be in a certain “group” or style of person, but i will admit having an iphone feels really awesome and i recommend it to others.

Lately I’ve been trying to really mess with it and see what it can do. Here are some examples of my creative side with my new Accessory.


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