Skinny Bitch Recipes&Ideas…Sparkling Ice

A Few weeks ago my boyfriend and I had been walking through Fry’s trying to find some snackage for the movie we rented. After wondering around we came across the beverage isle and something pink caught my eye! lol It was called Sparkling Ice…which intrigued me. Being an amazing boyfriend he bought me one so I could try it. I ended up getting Pink Grapefruit. The label reads…Pink Grapefruit naturally Flavored Sparkling Mountain Spring Water, Zero Calories with essential Vitamins and Antioxidants! Which is exactly what I need when I get tired of just drinking plain old water. Its so cute to my suprise it fizzes like a soda but isn’t bad for it. Yummm you should really give this a try whenever you would like to switch things up a bit.


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