Hit Something…

Have you ever felt like maybe the gym is to expensive or far of a drive when you just don’t feel like getting dressed and going? Well ladies, I have a solution. ExerciseTV.com  If your one of those girls out there who just have to “Hit Something” lol and love boxing just as much as I do, then i have the perfect exercise video for you that only takes a few minutes, is something you can do at home but does make you break a sweat…Enjoy =)

Total Knockout Body (TKO)

Length: 19:43
Trainer: Natalie Yco

Natalie’s TKO cardio kickboxing workout combines intense body sculpting exercises with cardio drills for an extreme workout experience. Body toning moves like jabs, kicks and squats sculpt your figure while fast paced reps keep your heart rate in the zone. Natalie Yco’s sculpt cardio workout will boost your metabolism all day long and get your body in TKO shape.

Read more: http://www.exercisetv.tv/workout-videos/cardio/total-knockout-body-tko-4028#ixzz1MrabXidz


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